Fox Impact Spod Review

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The Fox Impact Spod has been one of the most eagerly awaited products of 2015. Ever since the announcement that Fox have designed a bait delivery device which will be sold under license from Spomb, the forums along with various social media platforms have been buzzing in anticipation. The reason that it’s been sold under license is that Spomb have a patent which protects their IP and clearly Fox needed some of those protected features to produce the Impact Spod. It sounds like a deal where everyone’s a winner so hats off to both companies for making it happen. Another winner of course is the carp angler who now has another tool in his/her armoury when it comes to dispensing bait at range.

Fox have released a medium and large version and I finally got my hands on a pair this week (mid-December 2015). In this review I will go into each feature of the Impact Spod in depth, compare them against the Spomb and try to answer as many questions as I can within the content.

First Impressions

When I first picked up the Impact Spods in the shop they looked great but felt quite ‘plasticky’. I know I just made that word up and these things cost between £11 and £13 so were never going to be made from the recycled dashboard of a Mercedes but that was my first impression. In reality I’m sure that the material has been selected carefully and will be fine for the job. The mechanism worked well and the workings of the opening button on the front are covered. Because of this I’m confident that bits of particle won’t get lodged in the button and stop it working which has happened to me with a Spomb before.


As mentioned earlier there are two sizes available – medium and large of which I bought one of each. Maybe Fox are undecided about a small version which is why they haven’t released one but have kept the option open by releasing a medium and large. 

Impact Spod vs Spomb - Sizes
From left to right: mini Spomb, medium Impact Spod, midi Spomb, large Impact Spod, large Spomb.

As you can see by the image above, the large Spod is similar to the large sized Spomb and the medium Spod is similar to the medium sized Spomb with the mini Spomb being somewhat smaller. Capacity wise, the table below shows the difference in how much bait each one can hold compared with the Spombs. 12mm Sticky Baits Krill boilies (shelf-life) were used for this and the weight of the bait compared.

 Bait Capacity (grams)Bait Capacity (ounces)
Mini Spomb37g1.3oz
Medium Impact Spod69g2.43oz
Midi Spomb74g2.61oz
Large Impact Spod125g4.4oz
Large Spomb114g4oz


This is the bit I was the most interested in as my ‘workflow’ goes like this:

1.) Cast out a lead to find my spot. This is done with my normal fishing rod and monofilament. Yes a marker rod and braid would give me more feel but I can normally find a spot like this and it sets me up nicely for the next step

2.) Clip up so I can hit the spot again

3.) Cast out and ensure that I’m getting a consistent drop

4.) Attach a mini Spomb and put some bait on the spot – because of the size of the mini Spomb it casts fine with my 3lb TC rod

5.) Attach my rig and cast out to the spot

Simple but effective, accurate and suits my style of fishing (I’m not one to be putting kilos and kilos on a spot). Can the medium Impact Spod be cast with my rods like the mini Spomb can? I don’t like my workflow being messed with! Here’s a comparison table of the weights of each fully loaded Spod/Spomb, again Krill boilies were used for this test.

 Loaded Weight (grams)Loaded Weight (ounces)
Mini Spomb61g2.15oz
Medium Impact Spod106g3.74oz
Midi Spomb113g4oz
Large Impact Spod177g6.24oz
Large Spomb172g6.1oz

So, my mini Spomb will definitely still get some use although the medium Impact Spod loaded with boilies is only 3.74oz so should still be fine to cast with my 3lb TC fishing rods, just…

Bait Delivery Bag
Plenty of options!


One of the design features of the Impact Spod is the one handed operation and yes I can confirm that it’s much easier to do anything with one hand than the Spomb is. Another feature is a larger swivel which might make it slightly easier to loop/tie onto the line but I’ve never had an issue with the smaller swivel on a Spomb. Fox say that they are ‘intrinsically buoyant’ so will float into the margins should you crack off during a cast – I’ve only just got these so was limited to a test in the kitchen sink but it did seem very buoyant whereas the Spomb immersed with water almost immediately and ended up with the majority of the body under the water. I filled the Impact Spod with water too (it was good that this didn’t happen without my intervention) to see if it would sink. As you would expect it was nowhere near as buoyant but did still float. In reality this won’t be an issue of course as they would be open after dispensing the bait but I wanted to push them and see what would happen and the Impact Spod stood up to the test. As far as casting goes I’ll have to update this post once I get out with them but talking to Mark Pitchers on a recent tutorial, he said they fly great.

One of the things I saw a couple of people online say when they first got hold of the product was that the springs seemed a bit lightweight. I didn’t notice to be honest and only time will tell how robust they actually are. They don’t need to do much though so I’m sure they’ll be fine.

Spod Spring

Fox Impact Spod vs Spomb

All in all I think this product is great but will I be throwing away my Spombs any time soon? No, not only will I still use the mini one as already discussed but also both Fox and Spomb have said that they can give very different results in terms of the spread of bait that can be achieved. The Spomb is said to be better for tighter baiting and the Impact Spod for a slightly wider spread – this was pointed out in the joint press release. Do I think the Impact Spod will be a hit? Absolutely, the guy in the tackle shop told me they’d been selling like hot cakes and based on what I’ve seen so far, I’m not surprised. If want to buy one or two of your own you can get them here.

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Until next time, tight lines…