Get My Useful Tight Line Spreadsheet

Tight lines or slack lines? How about semi-slack lines? Heavy bobbins, light bobbins, swingers, springers, cords and chains. How confusing bite indication can be! I mentioned in this blog post on this very subject that I’d built a spreadsheet to help me work out how much of my line is likely to be off of the bottom when fishing with a tight line. I regularly hear the words ‘the line will be on the bottom near the lead’ when speaking with anglers fishing tight lines. The thing is, how do they know? The depth of the lake and distance you’re fishing will mean that in certain circumstances they will be right, the line will be on the bottom near the lead but at other times they could be very wrong.

The spreadsheet I put together shows worst case presentation and assumes a bow string tight line. If you use a heavy mainline or leader your presentation should be better but the tool does give you an idea to how your line would potentially look to a carp. I said in the post I linked to above that I’d share the tool with you lovely lot and here it is. I’ve also included a step-by-step guide on how to use it. To get free access to the download link and instructions, simply tweet or share my blog with your social followers – this just helps me to spread the word of this blog and you get a clever fishing spreadsheet – everyone’s a winner!


Click here to get the spreadsheet

How to use it

The spreadsheet is really easy to use and quite self explanatory. Simply specify how far out you’re fishing (in yards), specify the depth (in feet, where your lead is) and then how far back from the lead you want to see how far off the deck your line will be (in feet).

All very simple stuff but I hope it’s useful and will give you a bit more of an insight into your presentation.


Until next time, tight lines…