An Autumn Weekend at Brandesburton 3&4

Whilst on my tutorial session with Mark Pitchers, I had a text conversation with my carp fishing buddy Gaz about arranging a session at Brandesburton. We last fished it back in May which was a very successful trip so we were itching to get back to make sure that our luck last time wasn’t a one-off! We agreed to take the Friday off work and travel there on the Thursday evening even if it meant setting up in the dark. As it turned out, Gaz also took the Wednesday afternoon and Thursday off so headed to the lake late afternoon on the Wednesday to secure the lake’s only double peg (yes yes I hear you hardcore carpers saying that you shouldn’t pre select your peg before you get to the lake but we fish for enjoyment and there’s a social element to it too, plus we know the spots well in that peg and thought that the fish might be there at this time of year so there was some justification for it!) It turned out that there was nobody else on the lake so Grassy Bank it was and Gaz managed to get his bivvy up and a single rod out before dark. That night there was no moon and not much wind which meant it was pitch black and very quiet – enough to spook any man and Gaz later admitted that it was quite creepy so he got an early night! I’d told him to keep me up to date throughout the next day but I didn’t hear from him until mid-afternoon when a picture came through of a 13b mirror, not a bad start!

Gaz’s first fish of the session

I was desperate to get to the lake but really didn’t fancy setting up in the dark so I decided that the best plan of action would be to go for a curry and beers with some of my old friends that I don’t see too often and head off on the Friday morning. Naturally, Friday morning turned into Friday afternoon and I arrived at the lake at around 2pm. Gaz hadn’t had any more action but had seem plenty of activity in front of him so I got the gear out of my car and setup next to him in the double peg. I got my first rod out but literally within 2 minutes Gaz had a take and the fish decided to go through my line. After a bit of a panic, we managed to untangle the rods with the fish still on – result! After a short battle Gaz there was a 19lb common sat in the net, Gaz was over the moon as it was his biggest yet from the venue and I was chuffed for him. We did the pictures and slipped her back. I got the rod back out and I couldn’t believe it when just 5 minutes later it ripped off! A short while later I had a lovely 14lb mirror in the net – what a start, a fish each within a few minutes of me being there, that’s no coincidence of course 😉



Over the next few hours I’d had another 2 bites, I lost one of them and the other was a 12lb common which I caught just after it got dark at around 7:30pm. Because I was fishing against the far margin close to overhanging trees I decided not to try and get the rod back on the spot so just fished with 1 rod for the night (I was only fishing with 2 during the day anyway – i figured that 5 rods between us in that swim was pushing it somewhat). We got all the rods sorted for the night and sat back to have some food and chat the night away. Once bed time came I got warm inside my Fox Ventec 5 season bag (it’s soooo warm) while Gaz kept getting liners on the same rod, he was getting that many he ended up winding it in to get some sleep! The last time we fished the lake the bite times were early morning so I was expecting some action, it never came though and we didn’t even see many shows which was surprising as Gaz said they were boshing out all over the place the previous morning.

Gaz was leaving that afternoon and wanted another fish before he started packing away. He got his wish but it wasn’t a carp – yep you guessed it, a bream! Ah well he’d still had a good session so he headed back to Leeds.

As I now had the swim to myself, I decided to put a 3rd rod out so I cast it to where Gaz managed his 19b’er – it would be rude not to! I fired out a few of the Krill boilies over and between each rod and sat back to have some food. The evening was uneventful but I was awakened at around 11:30pm by a screaming take. It didn’t put up much of a fight and I thought it was a bream at first, it turned out to be a single figure carp which was still very welcome as it was over 24hrs since my last fish. I quickly returned it, got back into bed and the next time I woke was when it was light. I got the rod back out straight away so that I was fishing with 3 rods again to give me the best chance of getting another bite before I packed away at mid day. I had a chat with a few of the other anglers on the lake and it turned out that over the last few days we were the only ones catching – I’d love to say that it was down to our ability as anglers but sadly that’s not the case, we were simply in the correct swim for the conditions! Mid day came and it was time to pack up. I did so with a smile on my face as it had been a good session.

We have only fished Brandes twice this year, once in Spring and the other in Autumn. We fished it more last year yet didn’t catch a sausage then yet in just 2 sessions this year we have had 21 bites. A couple of those were bream, a few were lost but a good few of those saw the net too so all in all I’m chuffed to bits with our ‘year’ on there. I’ll be renewing my night permit and hoping to get there a bit more regularly next year. I might even get the odd winter day session in between now and then. You never know, I might even catch that 20lb fish I’m desperate for…

I love this venue.

Until next time, tight lines…